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WFMW: Measuring Spoons

This idea is definitely not revolutionary or creative but it is what works for me.

I cook most nights and usually bake something during the week so my measuring spoons get a lot of use. I also like to have several sets of measuring spoons which is so helpful when you are doing a lot of baking.

Instead of storing them in the drawer with the rest of my cooking tools, I have removed them from the rings they come on and put them in a little flowerpot I have. The flowerpot was given to me by my daughter a few years ago for Mother’s Day. It originally contained a plant which I more than likely killed within days. I have a talent for that.

This makes finding the spoon I need hassle-free. Plus the pot is a cute keepsake from my daughter that I get to use daily.

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WFMW: Pre-Made Pancake Mix

A long time ago, before kids, I would attempt to make pancakes for my husband using a store bought baking mix and they just never, ever tasted very good. The problem was more with the texture of the pancake than anything else. Then a few years ago I found a recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes and lo’ and behold they were good and people in my family actually enjoyed them!

My girls, in particular LOVE pancakes. But sometimes when they want pancakes I just don’t feel like getting everything out and mixing it all up. I mean really, why can’t they just get a bowl of cereal and leave me be!

So in order to combat my laziness what I like to do is make up 5 to 7 containers of Pancake Mix (dry ingredients only) to have on hand. For example, this morning when I made pancakes I measured all the dry ingredients into the bowl and I also measured them 5 times more into my containers.

Doing this only added about 10 minutes to my prep time this morning but will save me time for the next 5 times the kids want pancakes. Just dump the dry ingredients into my bowl, add the wet ingredients and pancakes are just minutes away!

This is what works for me! To see more Work For Me Wednesday ideas visit We are THAT Family.


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